AfricanCrossroads "Dialogue"

  • organises your workshop or conference anywhere in Africa – you focus on your priorities, we do the rest
  • handles communication, public relations and documentation for and around the event – the relevant people will know and talk about it
  • works with you so that participants enjoy a lively and memorable dialogue rather than stale and static statements.


1. Event organisation 

Individually and as a team we have the experience of organising dozens of workshops, conferences and other events such as exhibitions, art performances and study tours in a multi-cultural setting. Some of these events were very high-level, attended by Heads of State and Governments. Our benchmark is global excellence; we believe in striving for perfection and we know that nothing can be taken for granted, unless you check it. We have worked in many countries in Africa – anglophone and francophone. We make extensive use of state-of-the-art ICT in order to plan everything in detail and then check and communicate with ease both on-site and through the internet.

Working with us you will be

  • free to focus on those issues and concerns where you yourself want to make a  difference
  • relieved from logistics and administrative matters
  • sure that your participants will feel well-treated and that all stakeholders will be impressed by a well-organised event. 

AfricanCrossroads works in partnership with FLAWLESS EVENTS, the premier event organiser in Ethiopia.


2. Communications 

We ensure professional communications before, during and after the event. Your participants will be well-prepared for it, your stakeholders will know about it, and the public, media and other interested parties will hear from it. Our communications services are affordable, yet highly professional. We use every channel and technology that makes sense, from printed brochures and press statements through e-mail and web pages to Facebook and Twitter. We do this in English and French.


3. Facilitating and organising the dialogue 

Events are fruitful if information and emotion are dense and focused, yet free to flow. We work with you to ensure that presentations are interesting, debates are lively and togetherness is experienced by mind and heart. Make your workshop / conference / event memorable!











photos / license:
- shutterstock
- New Business Ethiopia / CC