Africa is at the crossroads of making choices that are critical for the continent to resurge and develop towards peace and prosperity.

AfricanCrossroads is committed to addressing the key challenges of today, namely:

  • clusters of prolonged conflict that affect the entire continent
  • weak governance, including poor public services and corruption
  • urban development doesn't keep pace with the demographic transition
  • inadequacy of efforts and means towards human capacity building

Hence, the key sectors of our work are:

Peace, Security & Community reconstruction
Governance development & public management
Urban development planning & management

AfricanCrossroads is created to "get things done" and to overcome the implementation gap in the public sector and in large organisations. 

Our services include:

  • Project development and implementation for reintegration, community reconstruction, and local economic development
  • Policy analysis and development of institutional frameworks
  • Institutional development: strategies, networking, organisational improvement, management systems, training
  • Development of Public-Private-Partnership and Corporte Social Responsibility programmes











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