Vision: AfricanCrossroads embodies the resurgence of Africa on its own terms. AfricanCrossroads will be a global-African provider of cutting-edge professional knowledge and management services for African governments and their international partners, focusing on sustainability and connectivity to local context.

Mission: AfricanCrossroads is an effective problem-solver for its clients. It has a deep understanding of the domains it is working in and is able to see issues in the same way as its clients do. AfricanCrossroads' services meet global benchmarks and at the same time reflect the values and policy orientations of its clients, as well as their distinctive needs and specific ways of operation.

Approach: AfricanCrossroads provides creative and cutting-edge solutions that are forward-looking. We spearhead and demonstrate effective implementation of public policy innovations. Projects are designed to be lighthouses for good practice and to attain impact beyond their immediate objectives.

Values: AfricanCrossroads is value-driven. Our core values comprise a commitment to fair and inclusive social development, to bottom-up and community-centred perspectives, to the rule of law, to human rights and justice, to impeccable work ethics, and to superior professionalism.

- Ken Harper / CC